Roof Maintenance

Avoid the cost and hassle of replacing your roof with regular maintenance. The small cost of annual roof inspections and maintenance will greatly extend the lifespan of this extremely valuable asset. At Moreno Roofing & Solar, we’re delighted to assist you in ensuring that your investment is professionally maintained and protected to the highest possible standards by providing the following services:

• Full Roof Inspections.
• Minor Roof Repairs.
• Check for interior leaks that may not be noticeable from the exterior of your home.
• Provide photos of other areas in need of repair and a summary report (if needed).
• Caulking exposed nail heads on flashing.
• Resealing around any unsealed pipe collars, exhaust fans, vents, and chimney flashing.
• Inspect and clean gutters and downspouts.
• Replace any blown off shingles or ridge caps.
• Inspect all welds at membrane field seams, roof curbs, and roof penetrations.

Give us a call to discuss how we can help preserve the life of your roof.

What does a Roof Inspection entail?

A 21-Point Tip Top Roof Inspection includes:

1.    Checking your sheathing
2.    Looking at granule deterioration (including loose & missing shingles)
3.    Looking for algae or moss
4.    Examining flashings (including chimney & wall)
5.    Checking for proper valley installation
6.    Verifying proper amount of roof ventilation
7.    Examining nail placement
8.    Looking at the condition of the chimney
9.    Examining shingles looking for missing, curled, cracked & more
10.    Reviewing gutters and make sure they are fully functional
11.    Examining fascia board for any damage or rot
12.    Surveying the condition of siding above the roof
13.    Looking at all sealants
14.    Examining pipe collars
15.    Checking for proper installation of metal stack
16.    Confirming presence of drip edge and make sure properly installed
17.    Surveying the attic for proper insulation, structural condition, moisture, exhaust vents & more
18.    Checking condition of heat tape if present
19.    Chimney cap inspection of fastners, sealant and ponding water
20.    Checking for a history of wind / ice damage
21.    Documenting history of leaking